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Sonai Toaster-Toasty SH-1808 – 730 Watt with 3 functions

Sonai Toaster-Toasty SH-1808 – 730 Watt with 3 functions

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With Toasty, you can control the browning level through 6 levels to suit all types of bread and toast, so that you can enjoy bread with a delicious breakfast meal. It features multiple functions; toasting, defrosting, and reheating.


  • Wide slots for a wide variety of items to be toasted.
  • 6 control settings offer a full range of browning options to allow perfect customisation of any piece of bread.
  • The Sonai Toasty is featured with multiple toasting functions:

Toast: For normal bread & toasting.

Defrost: First defrost then toast frozen bread.

Reheat: Allows to reheat toast/bread without browning or burning it.

Cancel: Stops all toasting operations.

  • Slide-out crumb tray for easy cleaning.


Crumbs Tray

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