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Bake & Enjoy Glass Soufflé dish dish High resistance 21 cm

Bake & Enjoy Glass Soufflé dish dish High resistance 21 cm

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Having fun has never been so easy!
Cake, pie, flan ... To treat yourself whilst taking care of your health, Pyrex® has invented the BAKE & ENJOY range of borosilicate glass pie and cake dishes. Thanks to this ultra-healthy and resistant material, there is no transfer of odors or colours and it is possible to cut directly in the dish with no risk of scratches! As practical as it is aesthetic, the transparency of the dishes makes it possible to monitor the cooking and serve directly at the table. Result: bake... and enjoy!

Key features:
- Hygienic material, resistant to scratches: you can cut directly into the dish with no risk of scratches
- Glass transparency: Ideal to check on the progress of your cooking
- Easy cleaning in the dishwasher
- Microwave safe et congélateur

The advantages of Pyrex® borosilicate glass:
- Supports extreme temperatures from -40 ° C to + 300 ° C
- Thermal shock resistant up to 220 ° C: Pyrex glass can go directly from the freezer at a temperature of - 20 ° C into the oven at a temperature of 200 ° C
- BPA free, hygienic material that doesn't retain stains or odors
- Scratch resistant

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