About Us

Starting Planet Wife

Hello there, I'm Yara, an Egyptian product/ graphic designer. It turns out that being a wife is like living on an alien planet! With 9-5 work schedules plus house upkeep, social gatherings to attend, AND our mental health - how are we supposed to juggle everything? I decided to share the useful tips & tricks I gather with everyone. Join me for an awesome adventure as we tackle day-to-day challenges together! 

 Yara Essam

Founder of the Planet


Starting Planet Wife Shop

Planet Wife Shop was established in 2021 to provide Egyptians with the latest smart products and gadgets that help them get things done faster. Smart products for your house that actually work. Affordable Smart Household Products that make you spend less doing chores, and more time having fun. All tested and tried by real people. Find videos on how to use the products on our Instagram and Youtube channels.