8 Things you can do to enjoy a Balanced Life as a Career Woman! | Planet Wife

8 Things you can do to enjoy a Balanced Life as a Career Woman! | Planet Wife


Juggling a career, family life and keeping up with friends can feel daunting at times. But don't let anyone convince you that balancing your day-to-day is an impossible feat; women everywhere are proving it's entirely doable! With the right effort and tenacity, achieving everything on your bucket list – while actually enjoying yourself in the process – just might be within reach. So why not take control of destiny today? After all, success doesn't have to mean sacrificing beloved relationships along the way--you got this!

From corporate gurus to renowned authors, the most successful women have shared their wisdom - and so we bring you some of their top tips! Dare yourself to try them all – or cherry pick your favorites. It's time for an empowered life reboot!

1. Planning

Planning is essential for managing your time and not feeling overwhelmed. To make the most of it, divide up planning into monthly, weekly and daily sections - this will allow you to pivot from one timeframe to another in an organized way. Why not get invested with a small whiteboard or calendar that you can hang somewhere visible? You'll be able to view all important dates at once so that nothing slips through the cracks; birthdays, anniversaries national vacations etc., are never forgotten!

Monthly plan

Each week, life is like a jigsaw puzzle as you strive to fit in every task and event for a seamless 7 days. From meal planning and errands running, to laundry duties and kids' trainings - each piece of the puzzle must be carefully placed or else chaos will ensue! With proper organization though, your weeks will run smoother than ever before so get ready for some serious 'puzzle-solving'.

If you’ve ever wondered how the most successful people manage their time, here's your answer: plan your day ahead! Whether it be jotted down on a scrap of paper or stored in an app - taking just moments to sketch out tomorrow can save countless hours later. 

Traffic can also significantly influence how quickly your goals are achieved, while working hours might reduce the amount of time available for action. Knowing which tasks need urgent attention and what can wait will make all the difference in reaching success.

2. The 4 D's, Do it, Delegate it, Dump it, and Defer it.

The day-to-day hustle can be tough when you're constantly trying to cram all your ambitions into only 15 waking hours. Thankfully, there's the 4 D method: Do it now, Defer for later (or delay if necessary), Delegate tasks that don't need to stay in your hands and Delete anything irrelevant or unimportant - so you know exactly what matters most and how best to use your time!

4 Ds

3. Priorities Change

Everyone has a unique set of priorities in life and the key is striking balance. When juggling various roles, it's important to not forget the big ones that you would never abandon even if thrown curve balls - keep them close at heart! However on an everyday basis, we need to remain flexible as our needs are ever-changing from day to day. One moment your job may require all hands on deck for meetings or tasks; then suddenly switch gears for family activities with kids or just some 'you' time lined up next followed by house chores every now and then too. Planning ahead helps ensure success among this rollercoaster ride so don't be hard one yourself during moments when you're feeling like others aren’t getting 100% attention since there can always only be 24 hours in a single day!


Stop beating yourself up! You can accomplish lots, but don't stress if you feel like it's too much. Take a deep breath and focus on one task at a time - you'll get there in the end, guilt-free.

4. Multi-tasking

With dishes in one hand and lectures online in the other, there's no limit to what we ladies can achieve. It takes some practice but once done right multitasking is an invaluable way of doing more with less effort - perfect for busy bees everywhere looking to make every second count. Here are some examples of my stacking combos:

Watching my online courses, lectures and classes while doing the dishes, listening to audiobooks while vacuuming, catching up with my favorite tv shows while folding the laundry, having quality time with friends over by involving them in my cooking, planning my day in the morning with my cup of coffee, or night with a cup of herbal tea, have all my business calls in the car while commuting between errands. The combos are endless.
Multi Tasking

5- Get Help

Life is better when you embrace help from the people around you! Ask your family and friends to lend a hand once in a while, but be sure not to take advantage. Don't forget that there are also professional cleaning services you can use; budgeting for them will make taking care of homely duties less stressful than they usually would be. And even if cooking isn’t an option every day, keeping some frozen meals on standby means dinner still gets served quickly and easily - no sweat required!
If you think your partner isn't pulling their weight at home, take it slow and ask nicely. Here's a tip: appreciation goes further than criticism.
Don't suffer in silence - if something's really bugging you, don't be afraid to get some assistance. After all, there's no glory in struggling alone!

6. The Curse and Blessing of Technology

In this modern age, technology truly is a double-edged sword as it may be a huge distraction. But you can make the most of it - and trust us when we say that life will be much better if you do! Who would have thought that luxury items like dryers and dishwashers could become must-haves? And now, with tech advancing by leaps and bounds every day, investing in an Airfryer or wireless hoover may just prove to be lifesaving upgrades. Plus there are even washing machines out there controllable from your very own phone...now who said living smarter wasn't possible?! So why not give these devices a try--you won't regret it!
Who doesn't love convenience? We're living in an age of technology that gets smarter and more efficient every day--the future is looking brighter than ever!

7. Say NO!

If you're trying to up your productivity game, knowing how to say no - even when it's hard - is an invaluable trait. Don't worry about missing out on the occasional event or outing; there will always be other opportunities! Prioritize what matters and know that sometimes "no" can take you further than a yes ever could. I know, easier said than done, I need some improvement on this one as well.


8. Have Me Time

Sis, don't forget to take care of yourself too! You're a rock for your family and you deserve some time off. Everyone needs an opportunity to live it up sometimes - you shouldn't miss out on that happiness just because life is busy taking care of others. Don't be the victim; seize each moment with both hands and make sure everyone knows how kickass you are in every role (wife, mom, daughter... business woman!). Life's always easier when we enjoy what we do.

Everyone needs a little self-love! Whether it's getting pampered, traveling with your besties, hitting the gym or going on a shopping spree - take some time for yourself and feel fabulous.


If you've read this far, then I hope that you actually have it all. It needs focus, it needs determination and a strong will but we can get there.
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Stay gorgeous! xo
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